Wednesday, October 18, 2017
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We have listed further reading on parent voice below.

The Parent Participation Handbook 

A practical guide for schools on how to maximise parental involvement. Includes a CD with downloadable resources such as surveys, letters and a draft constitution. Available from Optimus Publishing. Cost £89.


Harnessing Parent Power: Working with parents to improve pupil outcomes 

A DIY staff training package for schools, available from Optimus Education.


Setting up a Parent Council DCSF Resource Pack

This pack, produced by the DCSF, gives basic nuts and bolts information about how to go about setting up a Parent Council or Parent Forum.


Developing Parent Voice at your School

A free resource produced by PTA UK in association with Parent Councils UK to support schools in developing a parent council or other parent body to listen to parents' views.


Setting up Parent Councils Project: Case Studies of Project Schools

This is a report of the DCSF pilot project on Setting up a Parent Council which was carried out by the charity Human Scale Education. It includes case studies of the four project schools.

Parents and Schools Working Together

Six-sided flyer giving examples of different ways in which schools can work with parents. Available from Parent Councils UK via Cost £2.


Pathways to Child Friendly Schools: a guide for parents by Fiona Carnie

This book gives examples of ideas and initiatives to help schools to build a partnership with their parents. 
Available from Parent Councils UK via Cost £10.















































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