Wednesday, October 18, 2017
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The Education and Inspections Act 2006 places a duty on governing bodies of all maintained schools to take account of the views expressed by parents of registered pupils.
All schools are encouraged to review their arrangements for listening to parents and to consider enhancing them by setting up a Parent Council.
Ofsted inspects schools on the way in which they listen and respond to parents’ views in the judgement on leadership and management.

The School Governance Regulations 2007 require Trust schools where a majority of governors are appointed by the Trust to set up a Parent Council (Section 34).



The Scottish Schools (Parental Involvement) 2006 Act requires education authorities to promote the establishment and provide support for the operation of Parent Councils. In general, this will involve the creation of a Parent Council for each school. The Act also allows for the creation of a Combined Parent Council in certain circumstances. School and education authority staff with the necessary facilitating skills should assist parents to identify and consider options for the kind of Parent Council they wish to see in their school and support them to make these arrangements.

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